Legal Advice

Legal advice SolvillaAt Solvilla we work closely with and recommend Cruz-Conde & Asociados law firm in Marbella, as we feel the service they provide is best suited towards our clients.

Cruz-Conde & Asociados is a family firm of lawyers and tax advisors, offering a comprehensive range of legal & tax services to both companies and individuals. Their main focus are real estate transactions in Spain, but through collaboration, they also work in other European countries.

Having been in Marbella since 1979 and following their family tradition since the 16th century, they attend both local and international clients, giving a very professional and personalized service.

The legal team is headed by brothers Alejandra and Mauro Cruz-Conde, with Alfonso Cruz-Conde in charge of the financial, accountancy and tax department. The firm has been involved in some of the largest real estate transactions on the Costa del Sol, with great expertise in the luxury hotel industry. They currently represent both the Marbella Club and Puente Romano.