Selling Your Property

Solvilla is currently only acting on behalf of property buyers, but with our extensive experience of the local market, having viewed hundreds of properties and assisted buyers in numerous purchases, we are also able and willing to give owners advice and put you in contact with the agency we believe is best suited in assisting you with the sales process.

If you have decided to sell your property, we strongly advise you that your property presents well, that it is well maintained and always looks its best when it is being viewed by a client. If you want our personal opinion we can guide you on little ways to improve your home and give clients a good impression.

Having the service of a professional management company during your ownership period will give you peace of mind also during the sales process as this, in today’s market, might take some time.

Professional photography is also a key element, as it is sometimes the reason a client may choose to view or not view a property and that first impression is important.

Finally pricing, it is important that you are aware of what else is available in your community or area and take this into consideration when pricing your home. A potential client will often visit various units and whether they fall in love with a property or not, price is always a consideration and sometimes the defining factor, so pricing your property according to the market is very important.